People, Altarea's primary asset. As the company's main resource, Altarea's employees are essential to its collective success. Skills, proximity, diversity and value-sharing are embodied in the Group's recognised employer brand.

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at 31/12/2020


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in 2020 via the Academy



Integrate, train and promote employee mobility

Altarea helps employees develop their careers and skills in a dynamic environment imbued with entrepreneurial spirit.

As a growing group, it enacts measures to safeguard its employees' sense of belonging.




From the time they arrive at the Group, new employees benefit from a range of bespoke arrangements that help them to understand and appropriate the Group's model, its values, its projects and its specific characteristics.

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To keep the skills of our employees on an upward curve, the Group's Academy has put together a global learning and development system.

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The Group views internal mobility as a key factor in the cross-functionality of skills and employee retention, and as such has created special resources including committees, forums and more to help foster it.

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A shared culture to drive initiatives

Altarea has based its development on a global vision that is shared across all of its business lines, brands and subsidiaries.

This shared culture hinges on a number of areas of focus:

  • Guaranteeing quality of life in the workplace. The Group adopts new ways of working and takes into account employee expectations for a smoother balance between their professional and personal lives.
  • Promoting equal opportunities. Altarea signed a Corporate Diversity Charter in 2013. Today, the Group is increasing the number of initiatives in this area through its partnerships ("Nos Quartiers Ont des Talents" (our districts have talent), "Elles bougent" (women on the move). etc.).
  • Encouraging the emergence of new ideas. In order to facilitate the expression of new ideas, the Group has formed Youth Comity, an internal think-tank bringing together young Group executives.
  • Sharing the fruits of growth. Through the employee share ownership plan "Tous en actions!" (we all have a share), which is open to all employees, staff are closely tied in with the Group's performance and results.

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An Emblematic head office

87 Richelieu, Altarea's new head office, has opened its doors to employees in June 2020. Showcase for the Group's know-how in the field of commercial property, it offers a framework for quality with collaborative, friendly, dedicated spaces for the training, health... and the latest digital tools.

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