Altarea shares

Altarea shares, which were first floated on the stock market at the end of 2004, are listed in Compartment A of Euronext Paris.

Fact sheet

  • Place of listing: Euronext Paris
  • Market: compartment A
  • Ticker: ALTA
  • Isin: FR0000033219
  • Reuters: IMAF.PA
  • Bloomberg: ALTAFP
  • Indices: CAC AllShares, IEIF SIIC France, CAC Immobilier, CAC Sociétés Financières
  • Outstanding shares: 17,275,839
  • LEI: 969500ICGCY1PD6OT783

Data as at 31 December 2020


Number of shares as at 31 December 2020: 17,275,839




Real Estate Wealth Tax (IFI)


ALTAREA shares are eligible for the deferred settlement service.


As from 21 October 2011 (after stock market closing), Altarea shares, like those of other listed real estate investment companies (SIICs), may no longer be held in Share Savings Plans (SSPs).

However, shares held in an SSP up until that date continue to benefit from the tax exemptions applicable to dividends and capital gains.

ALTAREA shares are not subject to the French real estate wealth tax (IFI), provided that the shareholder directly or indirectly holds less than 5% of ALTAREA’s share capital and voting rights.




2020 Dividend

In recent years the Altarea dividend has posted regular growth. Our dividend policy is based on an analysis that takes account of regulatory constraints, related in particular to the SIIC regime, dividends paid historically, and the Group’s financial position and results.

A dividend of €9.50/share will be proposed to the General Shareholders' Meeting of 29 June 2021, for the financial year 2020, up 5.6% compared to 2019. Shareholders will also be offered the option to take part-payment in shares. They will be free to choose between:

  • full payment in cash;
  • 50% in share, and 50% in cash.

The main shareholders of the Group as well as the senior executives of Altarea, together representing nearly 80% of the share capital, have already announced their intention to subscribe to this option.

  1. FAQs about the 2020 dividend
  2. Timetable for the 2020 dividend
  3. Details on 2020 dividend
Tracking and rating

Tracking and rating

Tracking by analysts

Financial rating

Non-financial rating

ALTAREA shares are tracked by several financial analysis firms who produce stock reports in English or French, including: 

  • Invest Securities : Bruno Duclos
  • Kepler Cheuvreux : Pierre-Emmanuel Clouard
  • ODDO BHF : Florent Laroche-Joubert

To date, the rating given by S&P Global to Altarea is Investment Grade, BBB- (negative outlook).

Altarea is rated since June 2018.

In 2019, several non-financial ratings have applauded the long-term “Tous engagés” (we are all involved) CSR approach driven with conviction by the Group’s teams and brands in response to the ongoing energy, ecological and societal transitions:

  • confirmation of the “Green Star 5*” status won in 2016 in the GRESB 2019 (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), which attests to its CSR performance over time. Ranked fourth among listed retail companies in Europe, with a score of 90/100, the Group also obtained an A in Transparency, a recognition of the quality of its institutional publications, and the reliability and comprehensiveness of its CSR reporting;
  • confirmation of the “Prime” status in the ISS-Oekom 2019 ranking, which rewards the quality of the CSR performance of the companies surveyed;
  • present in the Gaia Ondex since 2017, the Group this year achieved a score of 77/100 (+3 points compared with 2018), well above the average of the panel of 230 companies surveyed (58/100) and that of companies with over €500 million in revenue (69/100). On environmental aspects, the Group was awarded a rating of 100.