Altarea Commerce

Altarea Cogedim is transforming retail spaces into vibrant hubs that serve user wants and needs now and in the future. The Group has opted to focus its growth through four retail formats: regional shopping centres, travel retail in railway stations, large retail parks and convenience stores.

Our strategy

  • To focus our development on new shopping center projects or expansions to existing centers (including a growing proportion of retail outlets in railway stations), plus retail projects developed as part of large mixed-use projects.
  • To design retail spaces as genuine mixed-use living spaces that meet the requirements of towns and cities, whether for residents, working people or visitors.
  • To be attentive to trends in order to meet our customers' new expectations and to transform retail

  • To design flexible and modular retail spaces in order to incorporate new leisure, recreational and service concepts and new entertainment experiences (pop-up stores, corners, sports or creative workshops, cultural exhibitions, restaurants and day-care centers) in order to increase the attractiveness of the sites
  • To focus on a service-centred approach and introduce digital technology to redefine retail as a way to promote human relations

Our assets

  • Expertise in the offers of different retail banners, with an international, national and local multi-sector mix
  • Expertise in terms of integrating leisure facilities and restaurants in our shopping centres
  • Deployment of a programme that satisfies all our customers (banners and end customers)
  • Ability to use our retail areas as media to support the brands: new means of creating a relationship with their consumers through Specialty Leasing

  • Complementary developer-investor model
  • Recognised expertise on redevelopment or reconversion projects
  • Architectural, property and environmental quality of projects (CAP3000 is the only shopping center in the world to be awarded the BiodiverCity® label).

Multi-format retail

A premium asset focused on regions

Large regional shopping centres

Altarea Commerce develops and manages large regional shopping centres They each share intensity, connectivity, digital technology, comfort and architectural excellence for a demanding and original customer experience.

Travel retail

Travel retail

Altarea Cogedim designs travel retail outlets as genuine destinations for users, urban hubs where people can enjoy a full range of shopping and also cultural and social experiences.


A multi-channel entertainment offering

Altarea Cogedim develops shopping centres located in strategic regions boosted by high demographic growth, with leisure facilities and restaurants positioned at the heart of its commercial offering.

Retail parks

Large retail parks

Altarea Commerce has revamped the whole retail park concept. Genuinely open-air centres where a whole range of leisure activities are being successfully developed. This model, developed by the Group, has been hugely successful for many years and has set new attendance records.

Convenience store


ALTAPROXIMITÉ offers bespoke retail outlets on the ground floor of buildings for smart and creative urban operations that meet the needs of residents, working people or simple visitors.



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Ludovic Castillo

In response to new user habits in the world of retail, Altarea Commerce offers a new enhanced shopping experience where shopping becomes experiential, cultural and connected...

Ludovic Castillo Altarea Commerce Chairman
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