The key player in new real estate development. Cogedim carries out a large number of real estate programmes with a distinctive architectural style and develops large-scale schemes throughout France, demonstrating our wide-ranging expertise. Since 1963, over 110,000 residential units have been completed. Quality, innovation, unfailingly smooth customer relations and environmental commitment have become the Company's hallmark. Renowned architects, landscapers and designers are helping us reinvent quality accommodation in step with a day and age where the course of our lives take us in many different directions. Whatever the wishes, the budget or the lifestyle, everyone can have access to high quality standards and customised support.

Our strategy

  • to design housing for all our customers, from entry level to high-end units;
  • committing on a daily basis to raising customer satisfaction;
  • to pursue our strategy of geographic development.

Our assets

  • a recognised hallmark style that is a guarantee of quality, innovation and environmental performance;
  • functional, modular and scalable accommodation created by our interior designers;
  • a customer support strategy that is high quality, recognised and rewarded (voted Customer Service of the Year four years running).

Our iconic programmes by collection


Alcini Collection

Belved’Air overlooking Chambéry - 73


Bellicia Collection

Place du Grand Ouest in the heart of the new town centre in Massy - 91


Callissi Collection

Sky Place in the heart of the new Wacken Europe residential district opposite the European parliament building in Strasbourg - 67


Dara Collection

Exaltis, Porte d'Auteuil, between the Bois de Boulogne and Passy village in the 16th arrondissement of Paris

Our business activities

From the initial study phase through to after-sales, Cogedim teams actively work on all aspects of real estate development. Integration and expertise in all of the different stages creates value for our customers (future occupants, investors, local authorities, etc.)

Land development

A team of developers identifies the best plots located close to shops, transport systems and schools.

Property development

The programming team outlines the real estate project then handles the set-up, coordination and follow-up.


Product managers support customers who want to change accommodation plans and layouts to suit their wants and needs. They also handle decoration work for common areas.

Marketing and sales

Teams are responsible for the communication and sale of new residential real estate programmes.

Customer relationship

Teams of customer relations and after-sales managers provide a follow-up service immediately after a property is reserved, where excellence in customer satisfaction is the number one goal.

In the top 3 housing developers

In the top 3 housing developers

With 11,781 housing units reserved in 2018, the Altarea Cogedim Group posted an annual growth rate of 5%. The Group's market share in this sector stands at 7.6%, up by 4.2 points since 2013, taking Altarea Cogedim into the top 3 housing developers in France. 

For more than 50 years, Cogedim has been committed to building high-quality residential real estate programmes. Housing is concentrated in select locations: 99% of new housing built is located in areas that qualify for the Pinel Act tax scheme. And 100% of the Group's housing is certified to NF Habitat.


of housing

located less than 500m from public transport


of housing

certified to NF Habitat

9 900

Cogedim residential units

reserved in 2018

Philippe Jossé

We set out to make everyday life easier for our customers and to get them involved in the design of their home. All the solutions and all the products we create are testimony to our commitment to keeping our customers satisfied.


Social rental usufruct, an attractive solution for investors and regions

Under the Cogedim Investissement label, the Altarea Cogedim Group develops Social Rental Usufruct plans (SRUs). This product, well suited to local authorities, investors and institutional lessors, fully meets the Group's quality standards. 

These products meet the specific needs of each region when it comes to social housing:

  • student, family or senior citizen residences;
  • mixed-use programmes combining SRUs, mid-range rented homes, and affordable housing.

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