Cogedim Club®

Run by Cogedim Résidences Services, Cogedim Club® senior citizen residences blend Cogedim quality with a "family home" feel. Cogedim Club®, an Altarea Cogedim Group brand.

Our strategy

  • staying a major player and benchmark in the serviced residence market for senior citizens
  • promoting independence and social ties for senior citizens
  • involving residents in local life
  • integrating serviced residences into the local economy by creating direct and indirect employment through our partners

Our assets

  • residences are located at the heart of cities, close to shops, public transport, cultural and medical centres, and public services
  • modern facilities, elaborate architecture
  • a comprehensive range of services


Cogedim Club


The Cogedim Club "Domaine du Phare" senior citizen residence is located in the very centre of Bénodet (Brittany).

Cogedim Club


The Cogedim Club "Esprit des Quais" senior citizen residence is located in the Bassins à Flot district in Bordeaux, near the Quai des Chartrons.

Cogedim Club


The Cogedim Club "Eclat du Lac" senior citizen residence is located at the heart of the only spa resort in the Paris region, in Enghien-les-Bains.

Cogedim Club


The Cogedim Club "Domaine du Cèdre" senior citizen residence in Massy (Essonne) lets residents enjoy the advantages of city life.

Cogedim Club


The Cogedim Club "Fleur d’Azur" senior citizen residence in Pégomas (Alpes-Maritimes) is located inland behind Cannes.

Cogedim Club


The Terre de Seine Cogedim Club residence for seniors in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine) provides a peaceful living environment just outside Paris.



in operation in 2019

Jérôme Navarre

Cogedim Club® is first and foremost a family spirit. Our residences are living environments where senior citizens retain their independence without ever feeling isolated, where residents share activities and good times together.

Jérôme Navarre General Manager, Cogedim Club®

COGEDIM Club - Making life more fun

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Cogedim Club senior citizen residences are much more than just an apartment! Discover all the difference between a standard rental and a rental in a Cogedim Club residence by reading testimonials from our residents in Arcachon