Sévérini Pierres & Loisirs

An exceptional portfolio since 1984, an Urban developer in close touch with you. Since 1984, the SEVERINI Pierres & Loisirs Group has used its valuable experience to ensure successful real estate investments every time. SEVERINI Pierres & Loisirs is also constantly looking for solutions for building future-proof and environmentally-friendly homes.

Our strategy

OUR DIFFERENCE: 100% of production distributed exclusively by our professional partners in wealth management. Transparent collaboration, a win-win partnership.

Our strengths

Our strengths

Expertise in land development

Expertise in the quality of construction

Controlling energy costs

Guaranteeing asset value and offering the potential for optimal rental profitability. Our close collaboration with property professionals lets us select the very best sites;

Expertise in the quality of construction for apartments that stand the test of time. This involves a stringent selection of the building firms that we work with and, courtesy of our quality process, the constant monitoring of projects under construction

The housing units in our property programmes now meet the strict standards set by the BBC label (low-energy building) for optimal living comfort, and stay fully in line with changes to the latest applicable standards (shortly RT 2012).

Our exclusive high-performance financing product

Discover K+ and divide your savings needs by 2 or 3.

K+*, an attractive financing solution for you to invest with peace of mind.

This two-stage loan offers numerous advantages for an investment under the Pinel law*:

  • build your capital with peace of mind;
  • divide your customers' savings needs by 2 or 3;
  • improve the competitiveness of property products;
  • diversify your customers' investment platforms.