Partnerships and philanthropy

The Altarea group operates as a public interest partner to support towns and cities in their transformation. We engage in the regional, environmental, economic and societal dynamics so as to guarantee residents a high quality of life and create a more inclusive city with a positive impact. The Group prioritises projects connected to the region, providing evidence of a truly positive, and ideally long-term, impact. In this spirit, our philanthropy and sponsoring initiative has been structured around three pillars: economic development, solidarity and culture.

Regional economic development

  • Have a positive economic impact on the region
  • Strengthen our connection with the local fabric: charities, actors in the social and solidarity economy, economic actors
  • Contribute to employment
Fondation Palladio

Fondation Palladio

Altarea is a founding member of the Fondation Palladio, which brings together all the sectors and businesses affected by urban issues. The Fondation Palladio, which operates under the auspices of the Fondation de France, was created in 2008 to serve the public interest when it comes to the major challenge of the 21st century: building the city and its living spaces.

It works directly with stakeholders, creating the support mechanisms needed to make critical assessments (institute), to prepare younger generations to join the real estate industry (future centre) and to look ahead (research centre). By creating conditions for the convergence of perspectives between diverse players—executives and experts, students and professions, doctoral students and operational staff—each foundation action helps foster a process of reassessment, opening up to new ideas and mutual enrichment.


Social initiatives

  • Put Altarea's competencies to use to help the needy
  • Act to facilitate access to housing
  • Support initiatives that create social bonds (sports clubs, charities focused on local life, etc.)
Habitat et Humanisme

Habitat et Humanisme

Habitat et Humanisme, a charity founded in Lyon by Father Bernard Devert, aims to provide individuals and families in difficulty with access to proper, low-rent housing in mixed neighbourhoods in urban areas, with support to help them regain self-esteem and independence, and to forge social bonds.

Altarea has been the major partner of Habitat et Humanisme since 2007. This partnership is based on a vision and shared values focusing on the desire to create a more inclusive city, one with a positive impact where all individuals find their place.


Support for culture

  • Strengthen the Group's ties to the region
  • Support artistic creation and help bring art to a wider audience
  • Embed Group projects in their cultural environment
Aix-en-Provence Festival

Aix-en-Provence Festival

Since 2015, the Group has been a partner of this music festival, a not-to-be-missed event for lovers of opera and classical music. The Aix Festival, an internationally renowned showcase of opera, fosters the inclusion of young performers and works to make opera accessible to a wider audience by, for example, providing subtitles, offering affordable tickets for certain seats, staging the "Aix in June, opera in the street" event, etc. Altarea also partners with the Rencontres Economiques d'Aix-en-Provence, an economic forum.


Inspiring local initiatives

Throughout France, Altarea is committed to regional development: cultural initiatives, preservation of heritage, social initiatives, relationships with sports clubs, etc. The initiatives described above lend weight to the Group's corporate social responsibility approach and help Altarea position itself as a regional public interest partner.

Restoration of the Pont de Pierre bridge in Bordeaux

Cogedim Aquitaine - Pays Basque is supporting the renovation of the Pont de Pierre bridge, one of the city's emblematic landmarks.

The Annecy Triathlon, sports sponsorship

Cogedim Savoies Léman supports the Annecy Triathlon. This is an event that has helped teams in their engagement in collective sports activities.

Transfert in Nantes

Cogedim Atlantique is involved in the Pick Up Production Transfer project. This transitional urban planning project will create a new space for art and culture, a venue for living, exchanging and reflecting on the city of the future.

Patronage of the arts with the Fondation Vasarely

As part of the redevelopment of retail areas at the Montparnasse rail station, Altarea is financing the restoration of the frescoes in the Vasarely concourse. The Group is financing the Fondation Vasarely, in charge of restoration work, in order to preserve this work of art inside the station.