Working for Altarea

Embark on a career in real estate with a dynamic, fast-growing Group driven by its commitment as an urban entrepreneur. "Our strength is our focus on people." Alain Taravella, Group Chairman and Founder.

A dynamic Group

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The strengths of Altarea

The strengths of Altarea

An ambitious vision, a stimulating environment. Working for a fast-growing company, you will be involved in building future towns and cities that are more people-oriented.

An entrepreneurial culture and creativity. Altarea stands out with its unique, bold and original development projects.

The Group relies on the initiative shown by our employees, all of whom are committed to finding solutions and are self-sufficient when it comes to project management.

A company committed to employee well-being. One of the jobs of Altarea is to create work spaces that are better connected, open-plan and in line with the expectations of today's employees.

Everyone in action !

Engaging employees and sharing results produced by growth are central to the Altarea group’s HR policy. 

An employee shareholding plan means that all staff share in the collective success of the company.

Integration, a driving force for the company

Integration, a driving force for the company

Integration of work-study students and interns

Induction of new employees

Employee "re-onboarding"

Each year, the Group welcomes 200 work-study students and interns. To help each new generation improve the way they discover and understand the company and its business lines, Altarea has developed an "Onboarding Day" known as the "Inté des AS", A standing for apprentice and S 'stagiaires' (interns).

To welcome and integrate new employees, Altarea invites each newcomer to attend the "Crescendo" seminar, preceded by a digital "onboarding" process the day they arrive. On the agenda: a presentation of activities and business lines, an introduction to some of the Group's iconic achievements arising from its expertise, talks with members of the Governance department, and other highlights.

The opportunity to discover the Group, its strategy and its values. And an unforgettable experience.

The Ambitions 2025 scheme, set up in 2018, is the opportunity for employees who have been with the company for more than two years to revisit the fundamentals of each business line and fine-tune their vision of the group.

The aim is to instil new momentum into employees as part of our retention process.

Julie Marin

When you change jobs within the Group, you are already familiar with the organisation, its processes and how it operates. Meaning you can really focus on learning your new job.

Julie Marin Head of the Cogedim Lyon Programme
Business Lines and Internal Mobility Forum

Business Lines and Internal Mobility Forum

The first Business Line and Internal Mobility Forum was held in Paris and regionally. It was a special event that allowed the Group's employees to (re)discover its subsidiaries and business lines by way of learning round-tables and workshops. More than 300 participants were able to trade views and ideas with internal mobility experts in order to learn about best practices.

Romain Morillon

I received huge support from the Group, which gave me the chance to meet a lot of point persons and be asked the right questions. I also had training programmes to support me in my change process.

Romain Morillon Regional Director Eastern Paris Region - Pitch Promotion
Opportunities in the three core segments of real estate

Opportunities in the three core segments of real estate

An integrated global player, Altarea is the only French company active in all segments of the real estate market (retail, residential and office) and offers endless career opportunities. The Group is looking to hire a wide range of skill-sets and specialists: developers, promoters, investors, planners, deputy project managers, marketers, administrators, asset managers and support function staff.

The company, a place of learning and development

Our employees learn and acquire new skills in what is a constant process. Created in March 2017 to offer employees "moments of learning", the "Académie" is a comprehensive mechanism for learning and development grounded in a learning-based corporate vision :

  • A catalogue of over 150 training schemes, most of which were designed jointly with in-house experts.
  • Learning communities (tutors, in-house trainers...)
  • A wide range of learning formats: lunch & learn, urban expeditions, business line courses...

The "Académie" reflects Altarea's commitment to developing its human capital, actively partaking in the development of a learning-based and innovative corporate culture.

A recognised award-winning HR Department

A recognised award-winning HR Department

In April 2019, at the fourth edition of U-Spring (the corporate universities spring session), the learning-based vision of the Académie was rewarded when winning the gold award in the Upcoming Group category. The Talent Developer "Académie" was praised for its overall consistency, urban expeditions and the "Re-onboarding" process with Ambitions 2025. Our candidacy was a total success not only with the jury - made up of HR Directors - and journalists but also with the many participants on the big day when prizes were awarded. It was a great win and illustrated the Group's commitment to its employees.

Objective Well-Being

At Altarea, quality of life for employees in the workplace is a constant concern and priority. For this reason, the brand created the ALTAWellness label, an in-house product that brings together all of the Group's workplace well-being initiatives.

  • Moving and personal growth. Time for group recreation and enjoying ourselves! The YUCO platform features a programme of sporting and cultural activities at lunch times or after hours.
  • Making life easier for our employees. In a few clicks, the YOOPIES platform gives employees access to a wide range of personal services: childcare, house cleaning, school tutoring and much more!
  • Initiatives all year round. Events at the Group's head office on health themes, awareness workshops (nutrition, first aid, relaxation techniques, etc.) information campaigns and vaccinations, the "workplace well-being week", etc. We do it all for the well-being of our employees.